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Complete solutions for all types of mobilized and non-mobilized leukapheresis, research and GMP.


WACAT provides the highest quality peripheral blood cellular therapy products to meet your unique specifications.

The Washington Center for Apheresis Therapy (WACAT) collects mobilized and non-mobilized leukapheresis products from healthy donors under IRB approved informed consent. WACAT’s practice as a mobile therapeutic apheresis services allows us to collect the highest quality products here at our Bloodworks Bio center in downtown Seattle. Mobilization protocols include single and double mobilization with G-CSF and/or Plerixafor.

Whether you are ready for clinical collections, or just research leukopaks, WACAT operates in compliance with CGMP and CGTP and is Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) accredited.

Quality Support

Worried about quality of your source material? Our Quality department continually monitors our facility to assure we comply with 21 CFR 1271 Current Good Tissue Practices (cGTP) so you can be assured you are only receiving the best apheresis products.

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Drawing expertise as a regional blood bank, clinical laboratory, research institute, transfusion medicine program, and team of physicians, we provide best in industry research products collected and processed at the highest standard. By supplying quality starting material, we continue Bloodworks’ rich history in supporting research and clinical innovation nationwide.

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