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Bloodworks Bio offers a complete portfolio of blood products, services, and blood-derived isolated cells for research and clinical use.

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Drawing on expertise as a regional blood bank, clinical laboratory, research institute, transfusion medicine program, and cell therapy specialists, we provide best in industry blood products collected and processed at the highest standard. By supplying quality starting material, we expand Bloodworks' rich history by supporting our clients rapidly growing needs in biological research and clinical innovation.

We are Bloodworks Bio

With over 20 years in sample procurement and processing for research, our team can help with early phase pre-clinical R&D, process and product development, and commercialization. We provide access to expert medical consulting, clinical collections experts, GMP processing personnel, quality experts and testing specialists. Together, we’re making your therapeutic discoveries possible.

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Announcing Launch of GMP Compliant Leukopaks

GMP-compliant Leukopaks give researchers access to, ready-to-ship clinical-grade material. It’s one more way we’re able to help you meet your growing and rapidly evolving needs.

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Sustainable, Scalable, Flexible

Your innovation requires blood products that are consistently high quality, sustainable, and scalable. We make that possible – through our ability to screen and recall donors, combined with our agility to respond to your ever-changing needs is what sets Bloodworks Bio apart. Whether it is small-volume whole blood or mobilized apheresis, we support your work.

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