Custom Isolations

A tube of cells sitting on top of a pile of ice cubes.

Custom Cell Isolation

Bloodworks Bio offers a range of custom cell isolations from small-scale whole blood research isolations, to large-scale process development optimizations, and cell therapy drug intermediates for clinical manufacturing. Research capabilities include isolating any cell type(s) from whole blood up to 500mL, cord blood units, or 1/4 to a full leukopak using positive or negative isolation techniques with an immuno paramagnetic platform. Cells are drawn, processed, and delivered to clients as quickly as possible: locally or nationally.

Customized selection strategies and analysis protocols and such as multiple subset selections from a single donor, large-scale sequential isolations, and custom flow cytometry panels are available to fit project needs.

More than a decade of experience allows us to perform with maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Quality control is performed for all processed cells to guarantee sterility, viability, and purity – backed up by a detailed report following the cell delivery.

For pre-clinical assays our technology and reagents are FDA approved as IDE and IND.