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Fresh and Frozen Leukopaks

Bloodworks Bio’s leukopaks are fresh mononuclear cells and platelet rich plasma cells isolated from normal healthy donors using the Spectra Optia to provide a limited amount of red blood cell contaminants. With a higher concentration of immune and progenitor cells than whole blood, full leukopaks (12L processed) and half Leukopaks (6L processed) are available. Collection from the same donor requires a minimum 1 month between collections. Product comes with Certificate of Analysis, limited donor information, flow profile, and microscopic observations.

Bloodworks Bio collects all apheresis products from healthy donors in our onsite donor center and use Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved consent forms and protocols. Each donor is screened for relevant communicable diseases including HIV, HBV, and HCV. Additional information such as CMV status, HLA genotyping, and other types of testing and genotyping are available upon request.

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Leukopaks for Research

Cryopreserved leukopaks available upon request.

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  • Fresh

  • Cryopreserved

Product Number Details
4510-01 Leukopak
4510-02 Half Leukopak
Product Number Details
Inquire Leukopak [2-2.5 x 10^9, 2 Bags]
Inquire Leukopak [2-2.5 x 10^9, 4 Bags]
Inquire Leukopak [2-2.5 x 10^9, 6 Bags]
Inquire Leukopak [Full Collection]

Planning Ahead

For projects requiring leukopaks, we recommend a minimum two weeks advanced order placement to allow for confirmation and scheduling of your donor. Collection from the same donor requires a minimum 8 weeks between collections. Cancellation of leukopak orders within 3 business days of scheduled collection may result in cancellation fees. For more information, contact us.

Shipping and Delivery


(only outside of Greater Seattle area. Charged to your individual FedEx account): Samples will be shipped overnight to your shipping address, arriving before 10:30am to most US addresses. You will receive tracking notifications from FedEx via email when the package has been picked up and when it’s been delivered.


(within Greater Seattle area):
Delivery to your location is by same-day FedEx courier in the morning, guaranteed to arrive within 2–3 hours of the sample ready time, depending on your location. You will receive tracking notifications from FedEx via email when the package has been picked up and when it’s been delivered.


(no additional charge):
Samples and cells can be picked up from our 1551 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102 location.

Contact us for more information and instructions.

Cancellation Policy

Change orders and cancellation notices on all orders must be submitted to Bloodworks ([email protected]) and receive acknowledgement in writing and change orders must be mutually agreed upon. Cancellations of products in the following categories will result in the following fees:

Product Type Timing Charge
Leukopaks Less than 2 weeks $350
Less than 3 business days $1,250

All change fee and cancellation policies for special projects or indicated in Scope of Work documents supersede the above listed fees. Rescheduling subject to donor availability. Postponements or new requests with a rush requirement of less than 3 business days may be subject to an additional $100 rush fee.


Let’s talk about your needs. Contact us for more information about biological products.